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The Giant Forest Hawl, Gang-gang Cockatoo, Rainbow Bee-eater & Ivory-billed Woodpecker | WBW Week 39

Welcome to this week’s bird wrap! Here, we’ll tell stories about Australian birds and birds from around the world.


Topics discussed in this week’s edition of Weekly Bird Wrap:

1. The Giant Forest Hawk

1 The Giant Forest Hawk scaled

Credit: Jacob Blokland


2. Rainbow Bee-eater

2 Rainbow bee eater 1 1 scaled

Credit: Philip Mugridge

3. Gang-gang Cockatoo – an endangered species?

3 Gang gang Cockatoo scaled

  • Further reading on the recommendation to be listed as endangered can be found here.


4. Ivory-billed Woodpecker – officially declared extint

4 Ivory billed Woodpecker

  • Article about this news can be found here.


5. Peregrine Falcon – the Eyases have hatched!

Bird Eating

  • Earthquake reaction video can be found here.
  • Fun fact of the day – Baby Falcons are called “EYAS”
  • The Peregrine Falcon live YouTube feed can be found here.


6. White Browed Scrubwrens – full story available

White browed Scrubwrens

  • Full write up of this story can be found here.


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