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Neil Hermes with his tour participants


Neil has 40 years experience as an ornithologist. He has been responsible operationally for bird management from controlling pest bird species to saving the endangered Norfolk Island Green parrot. Neil has written extensively on birds including endangered species and field guides. Neil currently provides advice to major companies advising on bird risk mitigation practises and previously to local agencies on best bird management practises.

Group 1021
Neil Hermes and Grey Goshawk

Expertise 1 :

Practical ornithological knowledge of Australian birds

Expertise 2 :

Science professional with extensive management experience
Neil Hermes with a bird
Neil Hermes on tour

Expertise 3 :

Trained science communicator with wide media and writing skills

Group 1020

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Advice On Increasing Bird Tourism Projects

Advice To Councils On Bird Related Activities

Management Of Rare/ Endangered Bird Species On Private/Public Property

Managing And Mitigating Bird Risk

Bird Identification Courses
For General Public Or
School Children

Environmental Impact Of
Developments On Birds

Bird Surveys

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Neil Hermes with his binoculars
Group 1019

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