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The Australian Raven, Bush Stone-curlew, Roadrunner, and Birding in Molongolo River | WBW Week 40

Bringing you this week’s bird wrap from a new location – The Molonglo River. A fantastic place for birdwatching.


This week Neil covers:

1. Australian Raven – Did you see a crow or a raven?

In a past story, ‘Territorial’ ravens disrupt surge in Wing drone deliveries under Canberra’s lockdown. See the article here.


2. Bush Stone – curlew hatchings

Baby curlew from the hatching Marc Layton scaled

Credit: Mark Layton

3. Roadrunner

joshua j cotten T8Hi wdlyOQ unsplash
Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

An amazingly fast bird and commonly associated with the Looney Tunes’ cartoon character!


4. Birding in Molonglo – perfect for birdwatching! 

Birding in Molongo River


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