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The Whimbrels, Virgin Births, Peregrine Falcon, and Eastern Rosella | WBW Week 45

I’m sure you’re all excited for this week’s Weekly Bird Wrap. Watch the video for some fascinating bird stories this week!

This week I bring you four really curious stories:

1. Whimbrels –  20,000 Whimbrels take refuge on a tiny island

It’s fascinating to see a huge flock of Whimbrels, roughly about 20,000 birds, take refuge in a tiny island in North America! 

Here’s some trivia – did you know that whimbrels are not aggressive however, they will do anything to protect their nest and nesting area. Responsible parents!


2. ‘Virgin Births’ – Parthenogenesis with the California Condors

‘Virgin birth’ might be more common in animals than we ever thought. 

In fact, genetic testing has revealed that some female California condors have been able to reproduce asexually. Unfortunately, these offspring have died early and this might be due to the fact that they didn’t have the genetic diversity that is added from the DNA of another parent.

Find out more about it as this is the second curious story in this week’s bird wrap.


3. Latham’s Snipe for dinner for the Melbourne Peregrine Falcons!

Melbourne’s most famous birds, the Peregrine Falcons, have had their chicks hatched out and are finally out in the world! 

There is another fascinating story about the Peregrine Falcons in Melbourne. Typically, Peregrines feed on pigeons. However, what we can see now is that Peregrines are also feeding other birds, including one of my bucket birds – the Latham’s Snipe!


4. Eastern Rosella’s taken to Neil’s Bird Box

Eastern Rosellas are medium-sized brightly coloured, broad-tailed birds native to Southern Australia. 

How cute are they? The vibrant shades of colors and a playful, affectionate companion pet is sure to get worthy eye attention from anyone.


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