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Do Birds Fart, The Kill Bill Bird, Willie Wagtails, and The Christmas Rosella | WBW Week 48

This week, I am sharing with you four amazing stories from around the world including one interesting question about birds.

If you miss last week’s edition of Weekly Bird Wrap, head over to this page.


1. Do birds fart?

We all know birds poop, as it seems to be everywhere, but have you ever wondered if birds fart? 

The short answer to this is, generally speaking, is that birds do not fart. Play the video to learn more.


2. ‘Kill Bill Bird’ – A wonderful new genus and species in Bolivia is discovered!

Ornithologists have discovered a new genus and species of tanager on the lower slopes of the Andes in southeastern Peru and western Bolivia.

Wondering what does a new “ genus” mean? Watch the full video to know!


3. Willie Wagtails – The Friendly Gossip Bird!

According to some Australian bush legends, they are great gossip-mongers. Play the video to why it’s called The Gossip Bird. 

Whether or not that’s true, no one can deny that these are very hard-working birds. They are the first to rise at dawn and the last to retire at night.


4. The Christmas Rosella

Eastern Rosella has been considered one of the most beautiful birds in the world. Their colors are that of Christmas and they lay eggs usually over the Christmas period. I would consider this as my favorite Christmas bird. 

How about you? What’s your favorite Christmas bird?

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