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Birds of Canberra and the High Country, Bird Nests, Birds in Spring, and More! | 2CC Radio Interview

Check out Neil’s ‘Everything Ornithology’ weekly radio interview every Saturday at 9:30 AM ACT on 2CC Radio Canberra Weekender Program with Tatjana Clancy!

This week’s topics are:
00:00 Introduction
00:17 Bird Call of the Week
01:12 Neil’s Book – Birds of Canberra and the High Country
01:32 Get the kids outside and challenge them to name some birds
02:30 Ron’s guess on the bird calls
02:38 Ravens and crows and how they differ from each other
05:07 Why bird nests are so sturdy
07:00 Why do birds sing in spring
08:00 Calgary’s City Bird has been chosen – The chickadee
10:16 Bird call of the week reveal

Bird Call of the Week Answer: Australian Raven and Little Raven


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