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Birds of Prey Nesting and Breeding Across Australia and How Wind Turbines May Hurt Our Birds | E24

Owner-operator Neil Hermes shares wonderful stories in this weekly bird wrap. This week, we will talk about a family of Peregrine falcons breeding on top of a high-rise in Melbourne, some not-so-delightful facts about wind turbines, and some great news on how we can help protect endangered Ospreys so they can successfully reproduce.

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Welcome to another episode of The Weekly Bird Wrap, where I quickly discuss some of the most amazing stories and facts about birds in Australia and from all over the world!


Peregrine Falcons Are Back Nesting At Collins Street In Melbourne

For over 30 years, the peregrine falcons have been nesting on top of a Melbourne high-rise at 367 Collins Street. In 2016, a webcam was installed to stream their activities and they’ve since then gained 40,000 followers online! This year, they’ve produced three eggs. Two of them have successfully hatched while one remains an egg and is expected to hatch any day now.

This is a great example of social media helping us to discover and witness small wins when it comes to the existence of wildlife and bird conservation. It is good to see individuals and organisations alike tuning in and helping spread awareness of wildlife existence and conservation all across the country.

How Wind Turbines Endanger Our Birds Of Prey

Wind turbines are generally reliable and effective structures when it comes to producing sustainable energy sources. However, it is also true that wind turbines are responsible for several bird deaths.

Wind turbines are often built in sensitive habitats like hills, grasslands, and ocean sides because of favorable wind conditions. This is problematic because these habitats are home to many bird species, including those that are already endangered or at risk of becoming endangered.

Some of the bird species that are commonly killed through collision with the turbine blades are Raptors, Peregrine Falcons, Brown Falcons, and Wedge-tailed Eagles. This is especially true when the turbines are located in areas where these birds typically nest or fly.

This raises the question of how we can effectively protect endangered bird species in areas near wind turbines. Something that’s definitely worth looking into.


Ospreys Nesting and Breeding in Port Lincoln

The South Australian city of Port Lincoln is taking a sustainable yet innovative approach to protect the endangered Osprey population – by using artificial nests. People in the area are thrilled to see new eggs from the endangered ospreys. This is because the ospreys have started laying eggs on made nets, and there are currently three eggs waiting to hatch.

These artificial nesting platforms are crucial in protecting osprey from predators, such as foxes. By providing a safe place for them to build their nests, the osprey will be able to successfully raise their young and preserve their species for years to come.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s bird wrap! Be sure to tune in next week for more amazing stories about bird species in Australia and all over the world. If you’re interested in safaris and tours, be sure to visit my website where you can book any of my upcoming bird tours.

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A scientist by background, and a keen Ornithologist. Neil has lived in Canberra for over 50 years and has decades of experience in the tourism industry. He has turned his talents to guiding guests around Canberra which he called home for most of his life.

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