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Neil Hermes Book: Australia's Rugged Interior

Australia’s Rugged Interior

The amazing beauty of inland Australia appeals to Australians and visitors alike. Mountain ranges, vast plains, gorges, chasms, waterfalls, huge monoliths like Ayers Rock, peaceful lakes, tranquil valleys: all go to make up the immense variety that is Australia.

In this book the scenic beauty of the country is presented in superb colour photographs from the Australian Picture Library accompanied by excellent text by Neil Hermes.

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Publisher: PR Books
Format: Paperback, Hardback
Paperback Published Date: January 1988
Paperback ISBN: 0867772042
Paperback ISBN13: 978-0867772043
Hardback Published Date: January 1990
Hardback ISBN: 1875113304
Hardback ISBN13: 9781875113309