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Do Birds Communicate, Bird Habitat Rehabilitation, and Where to Find New Bird Species | WBW S2 E13

Welcome to another episode of The Weekly Bird Wrap by Neil Hermes where I recap some of the most amazing stories and facts about birds across the nation and from all over the world! 🌍

If you missed the last episode, go ahead and click this page.

And for this week, I’m covering three stories for you.


How Do Birds Communicate?

Have you ever wondered how birds communicate with all those amazing sounds they make?

Birds communicate with vocal sounds like songs, companion calls & alarm calls as well as with visual cues like body language & behavior.

Let’s learn more about the communication of birds by watching the full video.


Rural landholders rehabilitate bird habitats

Rural landholders in Southern New South Wales over the last 30 years have been planting trees on their properties to bring back species of birds that were removed when large amounts of clearing occurred about 100 years ago.

This feature is a shoutout to Landcare Australia which has been a huge help in encouraging landholders around Australia to do this.


Where do new species of birds occur?

New species of birds occur on mountain tops and they evolve and don’t really stay too long.


New Tour: Albatross Watching from Jervis Bay Tour

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Loved my bird tour content? Well, Nothing beats being there on the spot, watching the birds!

Meet nature’s most extraordinary seabirds up close – Welcome to the Albatross Watching from Jervis Bay Tour by Neil Hermes.

Saturday 13 August
Jervis Bay
$245 – Early bird special ends on 30 April! Book now before the price increase.

The waters off the south coast are a sea bird-watching paradise in the winter months, especially for many species of albatross. These magnificent birds come close to the coast at this time of the year after their summer breeding on Antarctic islands.

Come & join me for the best viewing opportunities for pelagic birds, whales, turtles, and dolphins.

Book now. Click here to find out more information.

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