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Tips & Guides: How To Get Close To Birds Without Scaring Them Away | Neil Hermes

When you’re out birdwatching, it’s important to set healthy boundaries between you and the birds you choose to observe. This includes learning some techniques to get close to them without scaring them away or disrupting their activities and routines, especially feeding and mating.

This short video and article will teach you some birding techniques that will help you earn the trust of the birds around you, so you can take a closer look at them without scaring them away. You might be surprised at what kinds of amazing encounters are possible once you have earneda bird’s trust. It is truly an amazing experience.



Do a Similar Bird Sound

Do a similar bird soung

Making any small, repetitive noises with pursed lips, otherwise known as “pishing” is a technique used to attract birds, especially repeated in a slow, regular tempo. Changing the tempo or adding additional sounds to each pish sequence can also entice birds to respond.

Although sounds can also be effective, pishing is the best as it will make the birds curious weather than afraid. The more curious the birds are, the more likely they will show themselves to you.


Gently Move Around

Gently Move Around

If you’re moving through trees and bushes the birds are hiding in, it is best not to make any loud sounds or sudden movements. Move in a calm and gentle manner instead.

Birds are very sensitive to noise and movement, and if you approach them slowly and quietly, they will slowly but surely become accustomed to your presence.

That concludes my two tips on how to get closer to birds without scaring them away. If you are an avid birdwatcher like I am, or just getting started on your birdwatching journey, visit to book one of my upcoming birdwatching safaris, and subscribe to the Neil Hermes Youtube channel for more tips and guides.

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