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Attention-Grabbing Koels, The Return Of The Mallee Whipbirds, and An Amusing Clip Of A Lyrebird | E29

Looking for some fascinating facts and interesting news about birds? Look no further – this week’s bird wrap delves into the wonderful news about three special bird species in Australia.

Neil is an author, scientist, and ornithologist based in Canberra. Each week, he rounds up some of the most recent news, stories, and insights on all things birds through this weekly bird wrap. This week, Neil talks about:

– The late return of the attention-grabbing Koels

– A rediscovered existence of Mallee Whipbird

– A distinctive characteristic of a Lyrebird

How The Delayed Return Of Koels Is Getting Australians Surprised And Sleepless

Koels are a type of Cuckoo Bird, and while they are just as beautiful and fascinating as most birds, they cause issues for people who inhabit the area they reside due to their distinctively haunting ‘coo-el’ call that continues throughout the night and wee hours of the morning.

This year, due to the wet weather, the Koels have also been migrating out of New Guinea later than normal.  They have also been expanding to southern Australia, even to places that have never had a sighting of Koels before. Hopefully, the people in those areas welcome and grow accustomed to them despite the attention they demand in the very late evenings.

Amazing News About The Supposedly Extinct Mallee Whipbird

This next topic is a great win for bird lovers and conservation enthusiasts everywhere. The Mallee Whipbird, a form of Whipbird that is found in Victoria has been assumed to be extinct for about 80 years now.

But lately, a population of this specific Whipbird population has emerged and several sightings of them have been seen in Western Victoria. There are lots of factors that might have led to the wrong assumption that Mallee Whipbirds are indeed extinct, but with this new discovery, we are hopeful to find more supposedly extinct bird species to come out and prove us wrong.

This Clip Of A Lyrebird Will Make You Smile Despite The Unfortunate Circumstances Behind It

The Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney encountered a serious and rather alarming crisis recently when five lions escaped from their enclosure, which forced the zoo owners to ring an alarm siren and call everybody to evacuate the premises. 

As serious as this matter is, it was greeted by rather fascinating footage of a Lyrebird, which mimicked the sirens and even the “evacuate now” call which was originally recorded with a human voice, both of which were astonishingly accurate. Lyrebirds are known for their vocal capabilities and this recent incident is a great example of their astonishing aptitude.

Australia is indeed a bird paradise. Visit our website to book a slot for our upcoming birdwatching walks and safaris around Canberra to different parts of Australia, as well as other stunning locations off the beaten path.

The Best Birdwatching Tours and Safaris in Australia | Neil Hermes: Author, Ornithologist, and Tour Guide

A scientist by background, and a keen author, researcher, tour guide, and ornithologist, Neil traveled to Australia and other parts of the world for decades. His expeditions are fuelled by his unwavering passion for birds, publishing his findings, planning birdwatching safaris, and participating in bird conservation efforts along the way. His passion for both birds and tourism gave him the much needed push to start Neil Hermes Safaris, touring aspiring birdwatchers and enthusiasts around Canberra, and all over Australia.

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