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Peregrine Falcons safe as massive earthquake rocks building

South-east Australia received a shock on Wednesday morning as its biggest onshore earthquake in recorded history rippled through Melbourne Australia. Some buildings were damaged but no people were seriously hurt.

The earthquake also shook the home of Melbourne’s most famous birds. Since 1991, a pair of Peregrine Falcons has been observed in a nest on the rooftop of 367 Collins Street in downtown Melbourne. The Melbourne Peregrine Falcons are internationally famous with their own live webcam streaming on YouTube.

The web footage from the time of the quake shows the Peregrine adult, which was sitting on a clutch of eggs, distressed by the event and leaving the perch.

Happily the eggs are safe and the bird later returned to the nest.

Peregrine Falcon reacting to earthquake September 2021


About the Peregrine Falcons

Peregrine Falcons are found around the world. During the middle of last century many populations became very rare or endangered due to pesticide poisoning. They are one of the fastest species on the planet having been recorded flying in dives 300kph.


Live Webcam of Peregrine Falcons:


Photo credit: Ray Miller

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