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Vultures, The “Supertramp” Birds, and Saving an Osprey in South Australia | WBW S2 E11

Welcome to another episode of The Weekly Bird Wrap by Neil Hermes where I recap some of the most amazing stories and facts about birds across the nation and from all over the world! 🌍

If you missed the last episode, go ahead and click this page.

And for this week, I’m covering three stories for you;


One of nature’s best scavengers, the Vultures are under serious threat of a declining population in Africa

Considered the world’s most efficient scavenger, a vulture is a large bird of prey with a head and neck more or less bare of feathers.

Vultures only eat dead animal carcasses. They are particularly effective at removing pathogens and toxins in the environment because they rapidly consume carcasses before they decay.

Additionally, vultures’ stomachs contain a powerful acid that destroys many of the harmful substances found in dead animals. Sadly, some toxins are still deadly to these scavengers.

These substances are responsible for the majority of vulture deaths over the last 40 years and have put the bird endangered.


Beautiful “Supertramp” birds are providing unique insights into how evolution is linked to flight ability and competition.

New research on famous ‘supertramp’ birds offers fresh evolutionary insights

Among the eye-opening findings is the discovery that these birds settle down more readily than would be expected—once they have colonized an island they tend to stay there rather than searching for others.

In hindsight, the work confirms there is still much we don’t know about these birds.


The Joy of Watching the Ospreys Being Saved

The osprey is a magnificent bird of prey, with a wingspan of more than 1.5 metres. The birds spend the winter in West Africa and return to the UK each spring to refurbish their large stick nests and breed.

Ospreys were persecuted into extinction in the UK during the 1800s. They were shot for taxidermy and collectors took their eggs.


New Tour: Albatross Watching from Jervis Bay Tour

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Loved my bird tour content? Well, Nothing beats being there on the spot, watching the birds!

Meet nature’s most extraordinary seabirds up close – Welcome to the Albatross Watching from Jervis Bay Tour by Neil Hermes.

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What you will get on this tour;
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