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European Reed Warblers, Vet Saved a Hawk Using Chopsticks, and the Tanimbar Cockatoo | WBW S2 E8

Welcome back to another episode of The Weekly Bird Wrap by Neil Hermes where I recap some of the most amazing stories and facts about birds across the nation and from all over the world!

In this episode, I’ve got three great stories to tell

If you missed episode 07, go ahead and click this page.


European Reed Warblers

Birds are way better than people at finding their way. Here’s one reason why: They use the Earth’s magnetic field to find their nests. 


A Vet in Singapore Saved a Hawk Using Chopsticks

An injured hawk-eagle is released into the wild after vets use bamboo chopsticks to mend feathers.

In a process called “imping”, veterinarians at the Jurong Bird Park avian hospital joined each of the bird’s burnt feathers to a new one by inserting bamboo chopsticks into the shaft of both feathers.


Cockatoos that Use Balls and Tools for Rewards

Researchers in Vienna, Austria, and Birmingham, England, conducted an experiment in which cockatoos successfully used a stick and a ball to release cashew as a reward.


Norfolk Island Tour on September 02-09, 2022

Join Us in Norfolk Island Tour

Loved my bird tour content? Well, Nothing beats being there on the spot, watching the birds!

Join me and my brother, Michael Hermes on a personalised journey through Norfolk Island’s history, amazing wildlife, and stunning scenery drawing on the knowledge and memories from my time as a Norfolk Island National Parks Officer and Michael’s background as an archaeologist working in places such as the Northern Territory, Tasmania, and Queensland. You can book through this page.

I am very excited to see you all on this tour!

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