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How Do Birds Fly, Malleefowls, and Birds Are Getting Smaller as Temperature Increases | WBW S2 E9

Welcome back to another episode of The Weekly Bird Wrap by Neil Hermes where I recap some of the most amazing stories and facts about birds across the nation and from all over the world!

In this episode, I’ve got three great stories to tell

If you missed episode 08, go ahead and click this page.


Answering an age-old question: How do birds fly? And the science behind it.

Flight is essential for birds and captivating for birdwatchers. Bird flight has everything to do with the shape and size of a bird’s sternum or breastbone. Bird sternums have a projection from the middle called the keel, and this is where the flight muscles are attached.


The Critically Endangered Malleefowl and what’s being done with it.

The Malleefowl is a large ground-dwelling bird and one of only three mound-building (Megapode) bird species in Australia. They are one of the few bird species to use the temperature of the surrounding environment to incubate their eggs, using large nest mounds. But they are now critically endangered. What should we do about it?


Warming temperatures may cause birds to shrink

A growing body of research suggests that global warming is messing with the body sizes of all kinds of creatures, from cold-blooded frogs to warm-bodied mammals, and often making animals smaller.

Wild animals are already facing a wide range of threats. If they shrink — and especially if they shrink at different rates, as researchers predict — that could push some species even closer to extinction.


Norfolk Island Tour on September 02-09, 2022

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