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Bird Counting Year, Kea Birds Using Computers & Chickens are Descendants of the T-Rex | WBW S2 E01

Welcome back to another season of Weekly Bird Wrap – where Neil Hermes recaps amazing stories across the nation and from all around the globe!

If you missed the final episode for the year 2020, head over to this page.


Endangered kea parrots can use touchscreen computers – how smart!

This one is a clever parrot: kea employs their tongues to operate touchscreens however kea couldn’t determine whether the world on the screen was real or not.

Before the birds could master touch tasks, they first had to learn to lick the screens rather than tap them with their beaks. Using their beaks won’t activate a touchscreen much like when humans use their fingernails.


Bird Counting Year

Bird Counting Year

An annual bird count is a great activity for individuals, families, or groups of any size. This is known as Bird A Day. To take part, explore your neighborhood or a designated natural area and take an inventory of all the bird species you can sight.


Are Chickens Dinosaurs, more specifically T-Rex?

Are Chickens Really The Closest Descendants Of T-Rex?

The analysis of DNA was done on the fossil of dinosaurs also known as T-Rex which was found in 2003. The fossil was unique because it contained soft tissues which allow the researchers to extract a sufficient amount of DNA for the research.

Can you guess the result?!


Norfolk Island Tour on September 02-09, 2022

Join Us in Norfolk Island Tour

Loved my bird tour content? Well, Nothing beats being there on the spot, watching the birds!

Join me and my brother, Michael Hermes on a personalised journey through Norfolk Island’s history, amazing wildlife, and stunning scenery drawing on the knowledge and memories from my time as a Norfolk Island National Parks Officer and Michael’s background as an archaeologist working in places such as the Northern Territory, Tasmania, and Queensland. You can book through this page.

I am very excited to see you all on this tour!

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