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Lights Off in Phillip Island to Save Birds, Being a Fancy Bird to Attract Mates, and Thousand Pelicans Breeding in Central Australia | WBW S2 E21

Owner operator Neil Hermes shares wonderful stories; lights off in Phillip Island to save birds, being a fancy bird to attract mates, and thousands of pelicans breeding in Central Australia. Visit to book tours and trips in Canberra and other destinations in Australia.

Welcome to another episode of The Weekly Bird Wrap by Neil Hermes where I recap some of the most amazing stories and facts about birds across the nation and from all over the world! 

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Lights Off in Phillip Island to Save Birds

A hundred different businesses have been turning out their lights at night to help shearwater fledglings not become disorientated as they go on their annual migration to Alaska.

Bright light sources can be fatal for the shearwater fledglings. Many of them are drawn to street lighting and land on roads, presenting a danger to themselves and motorists.

The Phillip Island shearwaters are an essential part of the island’s ecology.


Being a Fancy Bird to Attract Mates

In the bird world, the males with the most colourful feathers get the most females and make the best mates. Or so we thought.

New studies suggest that when it comes to avian attraction, it’s more complicated than we thought. Some males are actually evolving to have less showy plumage as in the case of the Pied Flycatcher.


Thousand of Pelicans Breeding in Central Australia

The pelican is not regarded as vulnerable, but population numbers have steadily declined since the 1970s.

However, news of more than 30,000 pelicans has descended on a river system in New South Wales, in one of the largest breeding events recorded in Australia.


Albatross Watching from Jervis Bay Tour

2B7XBA4 1 scaled

Loved my bird tour content? Well, Nothing beats being there on the spot, watching the birds!

Meet nature’s most extraordinary seabirds up close – Welcome to the Albatross Watching from Jervis Bay Tour by Neil Hermes.

The waters off the south coast are a sea bird-watching paradise in the winter months, especially for many species of albatross. These magnificent birds come close to the coast at this time of the year after their summer breeding on Antarctic islands.

Come & join me for the best viewing opportunities for pelagic birds, whales, turtles, and dolphins.

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